Our TIER® Cladding Range consists of both ventilated and traditional building methods. We only supply the finest stone, carrier systems and mechanical restraint products, all meeting the demands of what our changing design world and sometimes extreme weather throw at us.

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At Trenao, we only source stone responsibly mined and laboratory tested from our trusted quarry partners from around the world.

TIER Cladding products are all manufactured using the latest technology, therefore, guaranteeing a quality finish. Natural stone facades offer a longer life span than many other types of facades.

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Ventilated Façade Systems

A Ventilated Façade (sometimes referred to as ‘rain-screen cladding) is the construction of an external wall creating an air gap between the insulation and the rear of the external skin…

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Traditional Cladding System

TIER® Traditional Cladding System typically consists of an Ashlar Stone Panel fixed to the substrate using stainless steel restraints and dowels.