TIER Hardscaping


TIER® Hardscaping is sourced from reliable, sustainable, and quality-driven companies from all over the world. Every product is carefully selected, and then quality is checked before shipping.

Natural stone hardscapes refer to outdoor landscaping elements constructed using various types of natural stones, such as granite, limestone, slate, and sandstone. These materials are renowned for their durability, timeless aesthetics, and ability to withstand diverse weather conditions.
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Paving Products 750 x 750


TIER® Paving comes in many materials and finishes and is made of natural stone. It is a popular option for outdoor areas because it offers stunning and long-lasting durability, low maintenance and many other benefits.

Cobbles 750 x 750


TIER® Cobbles and Setts offer timeless beauty and character to any walkway or driveway. Natural Stone provides a durable long-lasting surface that will look great for years. It is low maintenance and improves in beauty over time.

Coping 750 x 750


TIER® Associated Products consist of a wide variety of natural stone caps, copings, treads, and sills to complete and accentuate any project. These custom architectural elements are available in many materials and finishes.